Preschool-Aged Gymnastics Classes

Whether you think your little one is going to be an Olympian, or you, our preschool-aged gymnastics classes are perfect! These fun classes are an amazing time for little ones to develop motor skills and coordination while in the company of Mom or Dad, ensuring that you’ll get to make memories while learning a skill.

Classes we offer appear below:

Tiny Tots ages walking – 3

Spend quality time with your child while enjoying hands on experience in gymnastics. Obstacle courses and gymnastics equipment are utilized in a fun, safe & organized environment which will challenge your child physically, mentally and socially.

Tumbling Tot: ages 3-4

Your child will enjoy learning basic progressions using skills stations and gymnastics equipment. This positive experience will help develop coordination and social interaction in a fun and safe atmosphere.

Kinder Kid: ages 4-5

This class contains advanced progressions utilizing all gymnastics equipment and obstacle courses. This positive experience will develop your child’s ability to properly start & finish gymnastic skills in a fun and safe environment.

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