Why Gymnastics

Gymnastics is often a sport many people never consider when looking for a recreational activity for their children. However, gymnastics is an amazing and exciting sport that challenges athletes both mentally and physically, which helps improve every aspect of their fitness. Here are some other reasons why you should consider gymnastics:

  • A NASA study showed that gymnasts have highly developed vestibular mechanisms (coordination, balance, and spatial awareness), which increase both academic and physical general learning.

  • Early training results in increased kinesthetic awareness.

  • Gymnastics is the only sport that places emphasis on total body strength, flexibility, and cardio.

  • The challenging physical fitness aspect of gymnastics allows gymnasts to develop strengths and skills that will give them the added edge in other sports.

  • Gymnastics enhances gross motor skills.

  • Gymnastics instills traits of hard work, determination, and pride.

  • Self-discipline is developed because of the very nature of the sport.

  • Gymnastics teaches children resilience and perseverance.

  • Gymnasts at all levels learn how to set realistic goals and overcome fears.

  • Competitive opportunities teach gymnasts self-confidence and good sportsmanship skills.

  • Gymnastics creates well-rounded, strong athletes.

Although every gymnast’s journey is unique, gymnastics overall teaches valuable life skills at the same time as keeping the body physically healthy and strong.